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All About Freestyle Yogurt

Dave, who founded FreeStyle Yogurt, relocated to St. Paul from Dallas, TX in August 2011 to launch FreeStyle Yogurt. So why would somebody leave Dallas and year round warm weather to come to Minnesota to start a cold dessert business??!! Well, Dave's grandparents were Highland Park residents, and as a kid Dave remembered visiting from Wisconsin and going to Bridgeman's Ice Cream. No matter if it was winter, summer, spring or fall - fond memories were created.


As the story goes, in 2008 Dave fell in love with a girl from Los Angeles, who was very progressive and health conscious. About that time soft-serve frozen yogurt was making a huge splash in Los Angeles through a brand called Pinkberry. Because frozen yogurt was so healthy and delicious, Dave's girlfriend was a devotee — and surprise, surprise, — Dave became a Frozen Yogurt fan too. While the relationship didn't last a lifetime, Dave's love affair with the tasty, healthy, dessert did.


Fast forward to 2011. After watching a number of frozen yogurt shops open successfully in Dallas since 2009, Dave began obsessively learning everything he could about the yogurt business. After studying the marketplace, and realizing Minneapolis/St. Paul are two of the most progressive, health conscious, fit cities in America - yet really didn't have a Frozen Yogurt concept — Dave thought it would be smart to return to his Midwest roots and introduce the concept to St. Paul... just down the street from the Bridgeman's he remembered visiting as a kid.


However, as a salute to the California inspiration, Dave wanted to design a shop and brand that balances the California values of freedom, self-expression, hipness, and fun with Midwestern values of: quality, consistency, craftsmanship, friendliness and family. Dave could have bought an existing franchise, but his Midwest values told him to build something from the ground up, through hard work, and going the extra mile. Something that would allow him to "FreeStyle" instead of being bound to the rules and regulations of someone else's vision. We hope you find that our "Do It Yourself" spirit shines through in both our shop and our attention to detail in the quality and craftsmanship of our products.


Dave is happy to be back in the Midwest and looks forward to serving the great people of the Twin Cities. FreeStyle Yogurt is Minnesota-born and Minnesota-based.


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