The best self-serve frozen yogurt bar in Minnesota
Premium flavors and self-serve toppings

Located in Roseville, MN and serving the best frozen yogurt in the Twin Cities!

Awarded 2012 Best Frozen Yogurt in Minnesota by Minnesota Monthly Magazine

Named 2012 Best Frozen Yogurt in Minnesota Monthly Magazine's Best of the Twin Cities issue!


free-stahyl (noun)

A performance or routine featuring relatively free, unrestricted movement intended to demonstrate an individual's special skills or style.

Why did we call it FreeStyle Yogurt?! Because FreeStyling is exactly what you do at our shop! YOU make your own HEALTHY dessert, exactly the way YOU want it. Size it, Flavor it, Swirl it, Top it Off — Your Way. You don't wait for us to take your order — just grab a bowl or cone and go do your thing! All you have to do is decide which handles (flavors) to pull on our soft serve machines...

With over 100 different frozen yogurt flavors we can rotate (14 at a time) and 50 different toppings, we keep things fresh at FreeStyle. Our shop has a flavor and style of its own that will welcome you, warm you, and provide a great place to make memories with friends and family.

Our Kosher-Certified frozen yogurt comes in many non-fat, no-sugar added, gluten-free flavors. We even have Dairy-Free Sorbets. We doubt you'll ever want to eat ice cream again, once you compare the taste of our product (and its nutritional labels), to ice cream. Yogurt promotes a healthy immune and digestive system as well as weight loss through its Probiotic Live and Active Cultures. Finally a treat that you can feel good about and that is good for you and your family!


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